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It’s all in the name: 4 Seasons Roofing Inc. provides roofing contractor services that will keep your business covered in every season. We offer fast professional repairs for flat roofs, as well as handcrafted roof replacements that last. We serve all of Alberta with commercial roofing. Since your roof is one of your first defenses against the weather, we ensure that your roof has excellent integrity. Our skilled team of professionals can complete new roof constructions, replacements, repairs, and more. At 4 Seasons Roofing, we pride ourselves on getting the job done right. We know that you want to get back to work, which is why we strive to complete your roofing project quickly and efficiently. All of our employees are fully insured with WCB coverage, ensuring that all parties are protected during the process.

You can rely on the professionals at 4 Seasons Roofing Inc. for quality, service, and value. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Re-roofs
  • New roofs 
  • Built up & flat roofing 
  • Tar & gravel roofs
  • SBS torch-on system
  • TPO roofing systems
  • 1 & 2 ply membranes
  • Ventilation systems
  • Snow & ice removal
  • Shingles

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To Repair or to Replace?

If your building’s flat roof is experiencing a leak, you will have to decide quickly whether to make repairs or replace your flat roof system. No two roofs are the same, which makes the decision to repair or replace the roof a difficult one. Having a professional from 4 Seasons Roofing Inc. come out to inspect your roof will give you an accurate evaluation on its health and will help you make the best decision to protect your investment and give you peace of mind. Here are a few factors we look at when inspecting your flat roof: 

  • Severity and percentage that is damaged 
  • Incorrect installation of the roof 
  • End of lifespan for flat roof material 

Damage to flat roof systems is a common concern for all property owners and managers, as repair or replacement can be costly. The number one way to reduce the risk of damage is to be aware of common causes or leaks. Develop a maintenance plan with 4 Seasons Roofing Inc. to avoid such risks.

Our Roofing Materials & Designs

At 4 Seasons Roofing Inc., we offer exceptional types of roofing systems. We replace and repair virtually any flat roof system, including SBS torch on, TPO, BUR, and EPS.

SBS Torch On Membrane 

Torch On roofing consists of two layers of modified asphalt that are usually melted together by a torch – hence the name. This creates a roof that is resistant to ultraviolet light and has a waterproof barrier. The torch on roofing system, also known as torch down, is usually used for flat roofs where snow or rain can easily collect and sit for long periods of time. It covers the entire roof at an even thickness, usually about 3-4 mm thick, which contrasts it with traditional tar roofs that can have bumps and uneven spots. The base layer is either mechanically secured with screws or attached with adhesive. The cap sheet is similar in composition but often has a granulated surface to provide protection. Both the top surface of the base sheet and the bottom face of the cap sheet have thermosfusible plastic which is melted together. This is also called rubberized asphalt. 

Torch on roofing is available in a two-layer or three-layer system. A two-layer system is usually made up of a smooth base ply and one ply with a granular surface. The three-layer system has an asphaltic recovery board, a smooth base ply, and a top ply with a granular surface. The three-ply roof is a little sturdier and lasts a little longer than the two-ply system. 

Tapered Roof System (EPS) 

Poor drainage on commercial roofs can result in damage far more destructive than either wind or other natural elements. Building owners often under estimate the advantages of tapered roofing when evaluating the life expectancy of a roof. Positive drainage is necessary to insure a safe, long lasting roof. Pooling water and freeze-thaw cycles can result in costly repairs and even pre-mature roof failure, which is rarely covered under warranty or by insurance. Positive sloped roof systems result in reduced maintenance and less stress to the building structure. 

According to the Uniform Building Code, roof systems must be sloped a minimum of ¼ inch in 12 inches for drainage. Tapered roofing is equally suited for new and replacement construction. In new construction, this can be achieved by designing a slope into the structure of the building. The easiest way to improve the slope of an existing roofing system is with the addition of sloped insulation underneath the membrane. The thickness of the insulation is varied, to create the necessary slope. Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is a logical, cost-effective choice in low-slope roofing systems. 

Tapered EPS insulation provides the required positive slope to drain, while retaining the structural and economic advantages of a flat roof deck. It maintains long-term thermal performance and consistent moisture-resistance. EPS effectively controls the transfer of heat within all roofing systems. Moisture is extremely detrimental to any roofing system. The purpose of the membrane is to keep the water out. However, in the event of water penetration, EPS has been shown to effectively resist moisture and retain its mechanical properties. Expanded polystyrene can be molded into thicknesses of up to 50 inches and then cut to obtain the desired pitch, ranging from 1/8" per foot or greater. EPS can be applied in a single layer creating a continual form. This design versatility translates into considerable savings in labor and framing costs. Usually the ridges and valleys necessary to provide correct drainage are supplied at 45° increments to the horizontal, but custom angles can be easily furnished. A designer must take into consideration the details of the roofing area as well as budgetary concerns. A roof might include skylights, internal and external drain locations, expansion joints, and height limitations of the parapet and other adjacent walls, as well as house HVAC units. The layout of the insulation must work around these components and within a specified budget. Solutions are found by utilizing various layout options to move unwanted water off the roof. 

Shed Roof Design 

This is the most basic layout design. The roof slopes from a high point to a low point causing the water to travel to the edge of the building or into a gutter. 

Two-way slope: The roof is split into two parts with a slope on each part. It can either slope inward toward the center of the building or to the outside. The two-way slope is more cost effective than the one-way slope because the total thickness of the insulation is less at the high point since it is split into two. 

Three-way slope: This layout is used on roofs of smaller buildings that are attached to larger structures, because it slopes to a point that lies on a side of the drained area. Instead of forming a valley, as seen in the two-way slope, the water is forced to a small area, usually a roof drain. 

Four-way slope: This is considered the most effective layout to insure proper drainage. The insulation is sloped to a single point located inside the area being drained. Or, the slopes are inverted to create a high roof center where the water is brought down to edges of the building. In some designs, the centre of the slopes can create pooling water. To eliminate this chance, a special set of tapered products, crickets, and saddles should be installed. Once the layout is determined, the thickness and slope of the insulation must be calculated. The designer must take into account the cost of the insulation as well as the required R-value when deciding on the required thickness to achieve an adequate slope. 

Built Up Roofing (BUR) 

Our proven, hot asphalt-based, multi ply built up roofing is ideal for sectional repair and complete flat roof replacements. The BUR is alternating layers of asphalt and reinforcing materials to create a waterproof membrane. Durable and water- resistant, it has proven its durability and reliability time and time again in our tough Canadian winters. 

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) 

TPO is a single-ply reflective roofing membrane made from polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber polymerized together. It is installed by fully adhering or mechanically attaching it, allowing the protective white membrane to remain exposed throughout the life of the roof. This is not as flexible as traditional systems, and is less expensive and generally will last up to 15 years, making it a cost-effective yet reliable flat roof alternative.

Free Estimates and Pricing You Understand

At 4 Seasons Roofing Inc., all our flat roof leak repair, replacement, and new installation estimates are based on delivering quality workmanship with professional grade products and service, backed by up to a 10 year workmanship warranty. We offer competitive emergency leak repair rates with fast efficient service to ensure your building is protected. We recommend the most sensible options based on your roof condition. We provide a detailed estimate for your review before our team of professional roofers start any work.

Trust Us for a Safe and Fully Insured Choice

4 Seasons Roofing Inc. plans and completes all roofing installation and repairs with the utmost concern for health and safety for both our workers and yours. We work hard to minimize any disruption to your business and ensure a tidy, organized work environment while our team works safely on your flat roof. 

4 Seasons Roofing Inc. is in full compliance and good standing with WCB and is insured and covered for your protection. We are proudly IKO certified and we offer insurance certificates available upon request.

Your Roof is in Good Hands

Protecting your business and its people, goods and equipment from harsh Canadian weather requires a durable flat roof. That’s why we offer quality workmanship to seal and protect your investment for your peace of mind. From brand new flat roofs, emergencies, replacements, and maintenance, with our IKO certification you know your roof is in good hands with our family of professionals. At 4 Seasons Roofing Inc., we provide professional, personal customer service, and a lasting flat roof system, all in a safe and clean work environment that will keep your business or home protected for years to come. All work is completed by our professional team and backed by our warranty. 

In a roofing emergency, there is no need to wait. When you choose to work with 4 Seasons Roofing Inc., you are choosing a proven family of experienced commercial flat roofers that will arrive on site quickly to access the situation, and pending your approval of our detailed estimate get your repairs done quickly and effectively to help ensure you stay protected. When it comes to professional flat roofing experience matters, which is why our family-run team of professionals have been with us for many years. We offer a lifelong commitment to the industry that defines our company. Our knowledge and skills make us the team you want on your flat roof for new roofing, leaks, repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Our family’s commitment is delivering industry-leading standards and a proven track record of excellent customer service. This is why 4 Seasons Roofing Inc. has been trusted in Alberta for over 20 years and will continue to be trusted for generations to come.

Please contact us to schedule a personal consultation and free estimate for your business. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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